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5 Stages Of Grief -9 x 30x30 Canvas When I start a painting I have no sketch or plan and the painting appears as the paint hits the canvas.  I had no idea what this painting was about at first I thought it about judgement but then the title 5 stages of grief appeared in my head even though at that time there were only four figures. I then saw “denial” as a girl leaning over a cliff to pick an orange holding on to the shirt of anger. This was the fifth figure. Two weeks after this painting was underway sadly my Father passed away unexpectedly. I had never felt grief before and I have no idea why this painting appeared like it did but here it is. There’s lots more to this painting which I can talk with the collector about if they are interested. This is very much a collector piece and one in which I hope they will be happy to be included in exhibitions in the future. (Print)

5 Stages Of Grief

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