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Oil Painting - The Boy With Fog In His Eyes 36x48 This painting is about the struggle of not fitting in growing up. The boy has dreams that his parents can’t understand. I illustrate this using myself as example. I was only recently diagnosed with the brain disorder Narcolepsy which I have had my whole life. So I have spent much of my life not understanding the images and hallucinations I would see in the walls and floors were the result of Hypanagogic dream intrusion. This young child with the teddy bear is a hallucination the boy with red shirt is looking at. As if he is dreaming of a childhood he wish he had had. If anyone has grown up fighting to be understood this painting will hopefully speak to them.This painting has free shipping only because I send this as a rolled loose canvas to be restretched by framer. It has a very strong Windsor and newton wooden frame that it is stretched on but to send this would cost hundreds of dollars. If you would prefer I do this I am happy to do for the extra shipping fee. (Print)

The Boy With Fog In His Eyes

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