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The Conversation - Large Painting 53x63 inches Acrylic on Canvas The thing that I like about this painting is the viewers interpretation will be governed by their life experience. This you can say about any painting but I think in this case more so. The 15 year old me would view this scene completely differently to the 40 year old me. A scene like this would have been entirely normal for me growing up and I would be more concerned about the dog more than anything else. I have spent a couple of decades away from living on a council estate so I am somewhat separated form the world and my interpretation of the scene is different. As with a lot of my paintings this image appeared on canvas (hypnogogia please see bio) and I painted it with no pre sketches or plan. So if I was asked what the conversation is about. Your guess would be as good as mine. This painting comes as a rolled canvas with extra several inches around image for framer to stretch to frame or board. (Print)

The Conversation ISOLD)

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