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Violin Player 16x20 Violinist Artwork, Painting of a Violin PlayerI am a professional artist based in London, UK.My oil paintings are filled with emotion and have an underlying autobiographical theme to them.I have a neurological sleep disorder, called narcolepsy, and because of this, I can frequently experience hypnogogic hallucinations; a phenomenon that occurs in the transition between wakefulness and dream sleep. This effectively means I dream and hallucinate while I am awake.  While the condition is limiting in everyday life, it provides another dimension for creativity that I explore and document in my artwork.  Images from my subconscious seem to appear on the canvas as I paint, and even reference material, from life or photographs, begin to distort and morph into something new. Because Paintings created using Hypnagogic Dream Intrusion is very rare. I am working with neurologists at Guys Hospital to clearer understand why this happens and I am talking with BBC producers about creating a documentary on hypnogogia and creativity.This original artwork is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and will be packaged and shipped using the best couriers,Oil painting by Ryan  Louder: £350.00Oil painting by Ryan  Louder: £450.00

Violin Player

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